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atDove Price Increase Starting May 1, 2024


Starting May 1, 2024, there will be a slight increase in the cost of our subscription plans. This modest adjustment is geared towards bolstering our efforts to deliver an enhanced array of content and resources throughout 2024.

For our existing subscribers, the new pricing won't impact your account until the first renewal cycle following May 1, 2024. We encourage you to review your current subscription and feel free to get in touch if any adjustments are needed.

Plan Current Price Increased Price
Monthly $59.99 $64.99
Annual 20 $465 $480
Annual 50 $575 $595
Annual 75 $865 $895
Annual 100 $1,150 $1,190
Annual 125 $1,438 $1,488
Annual 150 $1,725 $1,785
Annual 175 $2,013 $2,083
Annual 200 $2,300 $2,380
Annual 225 $2,588 $2,678
Annual 250 $2,875 $2,975
Annual 275 $3,163 $3,273
Annual 300 $3,450 $3,570
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A Tool for Onboarding Veterinary Client Service Representatives

Lobby Wranglers, Client Confidants, The Front Line - We Got You.

When you visit a veterinary clinic, the friendly faces you meet first are the Client Service Representatives. They are the backbone of the clinic's daily operations and make sure everything runs smoothly. They must be able to handle difficult situations with grace and professionalism, ensuring that clients feel heard and understood. They must also have a deep understanding of the clinic's policies and procedures to provide accurate information to clients.

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The ABCs of CVTs

Ever pondered the multitude of acronyms we encounter daily? While some are second nature, others might leave us a bit perplexed. I conducted an informal survey among our veterinary technician team to gauge familiarity with the term FAST scan. The result? A few puzzled expressions. And no, it's not a speedy scan!

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veterinary receptionist

No Experience Required? My First Job in Veterinary Medicine

As my college graduation was nearing, I knew I needed to look for a job. At the time, I was considering graduate school to pursue a career in human medicine, but I didn’t feel ready to go to more school. I decided to take a year to figure out what I wanted to do. Most of my family works in the medical field, so I always assumed I would end up working in healthcare too. While I was searching for jobs during my last few months of classes, I found out that DoveLewis was hiring Client Service Representatives. I did my research and decided that my prior job experience in customer service and human medicine would apply well in the veterinary field. I previously worked as a Resident Assistant, then at a medical office, and became a registered Emergency Medical Technician in college. My work experience - working with people + reception + emergency medicine combined - would lend well to the CSR role.

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veterinary technician training

Veterinary Technician Multidisciplinary Rounds (TMRs)

Over the last year, DoveLewis rolled out a new offering for technicians called TMRs, or Technician Multidisciplinary Rounds. Interested in setting up Technician Rounds at your own hospital? See how DoveLewis Patient Care and Educational Specialist Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS (ECC), laid the foundation for an engaging learning experience.


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veterinary client service representative

Trying Different Hats: A Recap of My Marketing Internship

Client Liaison Rabecca Hoskins-Williams spent a few weeks in the DoveLewis Marketing department. Here are a few memorable learning moments she gained from her experience!

My name is Rabecca and I am a Client Service Liaison at DoveLewis. I was hired on as a CSR one year ago through a temp agency and decided to stay on as a permanent employee. In my role, I support the CSR team by acting as the point person for clients in our lobby. This allows the CSR team to focus on incoming clients and manage the phones, among their other numerous responsibilities. I try to develop a rapport with clients from the moment they walk through our doors. I regularly help with pet registration paperwork, provide updates about their pet, and answer questions during their visit.

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veterinary client services

How to Handle Challenging Veterinary Client Requests

Veterinary clinics respond to hundreds of client requests each day. In this interview with Client Experience Training Specialist Breanna Gordon and Director of Client Care & Patient Access Erin Erck, we’ll share how DoveLewis handles client requests through effective and clear communication.

Birdie: Hi, my name is Birdie and I'm the Training Specialist for the Client Experience Team here at DoveLewis.

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veterinarian internship

My DVM Internship Year at DoveLewis

My internship is coming to an end at DoveLewis Emergency and Specialty Animal Hospital, and reflecting on the past year I can see significant growth in myself as a clinician. I came to DoveLewis with the hope to build on my fledgling knowledge base and learn from amazing veterinarians to practice the best medicine possible. I remember recognizing that Dove was unique before I even started. It is one of the only non-academic non-profit hospitals and deals a lot with serving the limited resource community while still being a high-level referral hospital with an emphasis on emergency and critical care. You get a dichotomy of both the gold standard and the limited resource approach to medicine daily. While interviewing for my internship, I appreciated the collective experience and clinical knowledge of the veterinarians I would be working with. DoveLewis was my top choice of internship because this was a place I felt could advance my medicine to the highest level.

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