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My DVM Internship Year at DoveLewis

My internship is coming to an end at DoveLewis Emergency and Specialty Animal Hospital, and reflecting on the past year I can see significant growth in myself as a clinician. I came to DoveLewis with the hope to build on my fledgling knowledge base and learn from amazing veterinarians to practice the best medicine possible. I remember recognizing that Dove was unique before I even started. It is one of the only non-academic non-profit hospitals and deals a lot with serving the limited resource community while still being a high-level referral hospital with an emphasis on emergency and critical care. You get a dichotomy of both the gold standard and the limited resource approach to medicine daily. While interviewing for my internship, I appreciated the collective experience and clinical knowledge of the veterinarians I would be working with. DoveLewis was my top choice of internship because this was a place I felt could advance my medicine to the highest level.

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