A Tool for Onboarding Veterinary Client Service Representatives

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When you visit a veterinary clinic, the friendly faces you meet first are the Client Service Representatives. They are the backbone of the clinic's daily operations and make sure everything runs smoothly. They must be able to handle difficult situations with grace and professionalism, ensuring that clients feel heard and understood. They must also have a deep understanding of the clinic's policies and procedures to provide accurate information to clients.

atDove recognizes the importance of providing a comprehensive onboarding process for our Client Service Representatives. Our Onboarding Guide aims to eliminate areas of ambiguity and provide clear expectations for our new team members.

What’s Inside the Client Service Onboarding Guide:

  • Skills checklist including 50+ skills that a Client Service Representative should be able to demonstrate within their first month working at a clinic.

  • Over 15 pages of blogs, articles, and veterinary industry reference sheets for staff to reference on-the-floor during training.

  • Scenario practice for new staff and managers to reflect on daily scenarios in the clinic.

  • Certificate of completion

View sample pages of the guide here.




Who is the Client Service Onboarding Guide for?

The Client Service Onboarding Guide is best suited for client service positions in the veterinary industry. Whether new to a practice or the field of veterinary medicine, the Client Service Onboarding Guide can support a streamlined training and onboarding process.

Our client service team has worked together for a while, but there are some inconsistencies and protocols that aren’t being followed. Would the Onboarding Guide help?

Definitely. Even if your team is experienced, there are going to be different ways that people complete daily tasks. Utilizing the skills checklist can act as a refresher for skills and promote consistency between staff of all experience levels. It’s also a great opportunity to build a team when everyone is working together on a project.

How much work is required of trainers or managers?

The Client Service Onboarding Guide is designed to act as a tool to support new hires and their managers or trainers. When assigning the Onboarding Guide to a new staff member, managers or trainers should:

  1. Review the skills checklist and cross out/modify any skills that are not relevant at the clinic. There are additional lines in each category where new skills can be added.
  2. Be open to answering questions throughout the workbook that promote critical thinking and clinical knowledge. Questions include, “What are your clinic's controlled drug policies?” and “What toxicities are common at your clinic?”
  3. Discuss the client scenarios with new staff members and provide feedback for areas of improvement.
Are there more levels like there are with the Technician Training Kits?

As of now, there is only the Client Service Onboarding Guide. We are always looking for feedback and would love to hear of additional resources that would benefit your team. Please email us at contact@atdove.org.

Does this Onboarding Guide work with atdove.org?

Absolutely! You’ll find more videos, articles, and resources on atdove.org to supplement your training and onboarding. Make sure to use the content category “Client Service Onboarding Guide” to find relevant content that aligns specifically with the workbook.

How can I learn more about the Onboarding Guide and how much does it cost?

You can learn more about the Client Service Onboarding Guide by clicking here. Each order comes with two guides for $79.


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