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Using Technician Training Kits for Ongoing Learning

The “Why”

DoveLewis is a 24/7 emergency animal hospital in Portland Oregon, and we face many of the same challenges that clinics across the country face. One challenge is creating a training program that not only supports technicians in their first two weeks but long after they have completed their onboarding process. Keeping this in mind led us to create the Technician Training Kits, with tiered levels that support technicians based on their experience in the field.

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Level Up with Technician Training Kits

The Technician Training Kits were designed to improve the standardization of training and knowledge with a simple format and organized layout. Starting with Level One, which was created for the recent graduate or the newly hired credentialed technician, it allows technicians to demonstrate the foundational skills that are a necessary first step on one’s journey to leveling up.  With a checklist of basic skills that a technician should be able to complete once joining your clinic (or within the first 6 months), Level One can give your team the starting point to create a formalized training system. Level One is available in both General Practice and Emergency & Critical Care versions, with some skills overlapping between the two.

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